New AC Installation: The Cool Addition to the Family

Is it time for a new air conditioning unit? If your air conditioning unit has decided to take the summer off - permanently.

Don't let a failed cooling system stand in the way of keeping you cool this year; talk to our team today to see how our experts can help you find the perfect comfort solution for your needs this season.

When Is AC Installation the Right Call?

When you experience a total breakdown of an aging HVAC unit, knowing it is time for an upgrade is a no-brainer. Oftentimes, however, the decision to replace your existing system isn't as cut and dry.

Many of our customers come to us asking how to determine when they should upgrade to a newer model or pay to repair their current equipment.

While the answer to that question is often speculative. You might want to check a few things.

We Recommend Replacing Your AC Unit if Any of These Conditions Are Present:

  • Your unit is more than 15 years old. An aging HVAC system will continue to bring repair bills as time goes on, and costs will quickly add up.
  • Frequent repairs. As we mentioned above, as your unit gets older, it unfortunately often requires more frequent repairs.
  • Cost versus value. A general rule of thumb is to replace if the repairs are over half the value of your unit but after 8 or so, since it's likely to need more repairs within the next few years, you should definitely explore and weigh your options.
  • Inefficiency. Sometimes a previously installed unit may be insufficient for the cooling needs of your structure. This can lead to uncomfortable environments as well as costly energy bills.

Go Back To Your Comfort Zone With a New AC Unit Installation

Making the decision to upgrade to a newer, more efficient AC system can make all the difference in your comfort and energy efficiency needs. With advancements in technology, modern systems come equipped with a multitude of benefits your older system may be lacking. Some of these include.

The Benefits of Upgrading and Installing a New AC Unit Are Plenty

  • Zoned cooling features. Modern technology has afforded many comfort upgrades including zoned cooling which allows users to set specific temperatures in different areas.
  • Tax breaks. With energy efficiency ratings, most units today qualify homeowners for tax breaks and incentives for maintaining a greener carbon footprint than older models.
  • Energy bill savings. One of the most important benefits of upgrading to higher efficiency models is the dramatic savings many customers see on their utility expenses. With their ability to monitor your indoor climate better, newer systems utilize less energy expenditure, leading to lower utility costs after the upgrade is completed.

While upgrading to a new system may be a larger expense upfront, it won't take long to pay for itself in the near future. With an improved comfort experience, lesser carbon footprint, and lower energy bills, you'll soon see how quickly your upgrade will pay for itself.

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What do I need to know before installing AC?
There are a few things that you should know before installing air conditioning in your home. First, you need to determine the type and size of unit that will best suit your needs. Additionally, you need to make sure that your home is properly insulated to ensure that the unit will be effective. Finally, you need to have a trained technician install the unit to ensure that it is installed correctly.

Why does an air conditioner need to sit for 24 hours after you install or move it?
An air conditioner needs to sit for 24 hours after you install or move it because the refrigerant needs time to settle. If you try to use your air conditioner before the refrigerant has had a chance to settle, it will not work properly. Additionally, the air conditioner may make strange noises or leak refrigerant if it is used before the refrigerant has had a chance to settle.